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Welcome to Wellspring Niagara.

Wellspring Niagara is a not-for-profit, charitable organization offering free non-clinical cancer supportive care programs and services to meet the emotional, social, informational, practice and rehabilitative needs of men, women and children living with cancer, at any stage, and those who care for them. As the only cancer support centre in Niagara, demand is at an all-time high. Wellspring Niagara currently offers nearly 40 different programs in its cramped 2,000 sq.ft. facility.

The Help Us Build Hope Campaign will support the construction of a new, 11,000 sq.ft. regional cancer support centre and contribute to an endowment fund that will ensure the long-term financial sustainability of Wellspring Niagara. Geographically located in the heart of Niagara, a prime 2 acre site along Rice Road and Regional Road 20 has been donated by the Town of Pelham for the new building.

The result will be a permanent, purpose-built facility designed to serve cancer patients, their families and caregivers. This will allow Wellspring Niagara to consolidate two very small rental locations that cannot meet increasing program needs, develop a welcoming barrier free, non-clinical facility that provides a safe, nurturing setting, provide space to involve and train new volunteers and expand space to meet current and future program needs including a:

  • new teaching kitchen for Nourish, a comprehensive nutrition program teaching the benefits of a well-balanced diet before, during and after cancer treatment;
  • dedicated room for Cancer Exercise, a popular program designed to help cancer patients continue to manage treatment-related symptoms and maintain their physical well-being;
  • support room for Money Matters, a program providing patients with the tools and information needed to apply for government programs, long-term disability benefits, deal with tax-related issues and learn to use their financial resources more effectively in dealing with financial worries that accompany cancer;
  • Children’s Program Room, providing safe and support-focused space with programs and services designed to meet the needs of young people impacted by cancer.

Please help us build hope, for generations to come.

Wellspring Niagara
Wellspring Niagara Rendering

Our Partners

"This is a home they can come to and receive comfort, support, direction and healing for mind, body and soul. This is part of building a compassionate community as we care for each other."

Dr. Janice Giesbrecht
Honourary Patron

"Our vision for this building is to provide a home-like setting for our members, so they can gather in comfort as they deal with the uncertainly that a cancer diagnosis brings."

Joe Matthews
Campaign Chair

Our Supporters

"What I received through Wellspring Niagara was more influential in my recovery than any drug I was prescribed." - Beth, Fort Erie, ON
"I went to Wellspring Niagara for their peer support and that got me started on my healing journey!" - Karen, Welland ON
“Wellspring Niagara has not only had an impact on our community, we have become a community.” - Joe, Niagara Falls, ON
"I thank you all for this haven, named Wellspring Niagara. Thank you for being on this journey with me." - Isobel, Fonthill, ON
"Wellspring Niagara is a safe place in the storm of cancer." - Sue, Chippawa, ON
"When you walk through the door of Wellspring Niagara, they already know if you need a hug." - Chris, Thorold, ON